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About Us

Dynasty Furniture Industries (DFI) Inc. is a newly opened American division of a 20 year old manufacturing company. We are a family owned and operated. Our management has over 30 years of experience in metal furniture, over 10 years of experience in upholstery, and is experienced in custom made furniture. We will have no problem accommodating the needs of your business.

The focus of DFI Inc. is to provide quality, value, design, and service. We strive to produce high quality goods at affordable prices. Industry standard packaging is used on every product so your goods will arrive properly without damages. We carry a wide eclectic mix of furniture styles ranging from contemporary, traditional, and modern furniture styles. A quick turnover rate is guaranteed; we understand the quicker we get your order out the quicker your customers will be able to enjoy our furniture.

DFI Inc. is proud to state our furniture is assembled and finished here in Los Angeles, California.

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